Newport News, VA

"Growing up I was always skinny. No matter what I ate, so imagine my surprise when I got to be about 22 and realized that my metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be. By age 23, I weighed 300 pounds. And to cope with me weighing 300 pounds, I looked to food for comfort. I didn’t hangout with friends anymore, I was just too embarrassed to be seen. Then with the covid shut down March 2020, I decided that in that time period, I was going to focus on putting the right food into my body. I tried all the diets, mediterranean, keto, paleo. Nothing was working. Then I decided to just intuitively eat. Eat when I was hungry, but make sure at all my meals I was hitting all of the food groups. Which resulted in me being fuller longer and having lots more energy. After I dropped my first 50 pounds, I decided that I was going to go to the gym. I went into the gym so embarrassed about how I looked and started out with light cardio. But I did all the research that I could and decided I wanted to try boxing. I absolutely fell in love. It is my saving grace, all that comfort food used to give me I now get from boxing. I have also incorporated weights 3x a week and it has been a game changer. I have now officially lost 115 pounds, but more importantly it is about what I have gained. That is a healthy body, a strong body, and a newfound confidence. I try to share my story with everyone I know that is interested because you don’t have to do much to change your life. I still enjoy a cheat meal, and I still enjoy the foods that I consume. Finding your own groove is so important. I am currently studying to get my CPT as well as a nutrition certification, so that I can help others feel as good as I do now!"