Derby, CT

"In June 2018 I was in my first few months of a tour in Korea, at which point I was feeling the farthest from friends, family, and familiarity that I ever have been until that point. Not only had my first long-term relationship ended on bad terms, I was also acutely aware that I was not at all happy with the man I saw in the mirror. I was always tired, I felt weak, and I just looked... soft.

I ended up falling into a pretty deep depression and a good friend of mine caught onto that. He ended up dragging me to the gym and kept me at it. Whenever I would be in my own head and want to stay in, he was at my door with a scoop of pre workout ready. Dude kept me going and eventually I found myself finding more confidence and happiness - the gym really turned into my happy place and I progressed quicker than I ever could have imagined.

Now, here I am today at the healthiest I have ever been - I have an incredibly positive outlook on life and am completely dedicated to self improvement in all areas. I study in line with my passions, I meditate, I watch my diet, and am overall a completely different man than I was. 

Now, I attack everything with a sense of confidence and drive that I never knew before and I've found so many interests that would have scared me away before I had begun this journey! I'm an avid skier, I'm pursuing gymnastics, and I'm always looking for different athletics around me to participate in and I couldn't be happier."