Cedar Grove, NJ

Began my fitness journey in July of 2020 after graduating high school as 5'9 135lbs! I was bullied and didn't have many friends and some days didn't think I was needed in the world! I decided to go to the gym to give life once more chance and I am completely grateful that I fell in love with it!

The gym was and still is a way for me to through all my anger in a healthier better way. The gym is more of a mental thing then a physical thing! Yes, you can change how you look but it's more important of how you feel! If I look great but feel like shit all the time who cares, no one! I have realized over the year and a half that my mental health is very much more important that your physical health although being physically healthy is very good too!

Doing what I do on social media has made me feel better mentally because as I get people dming me telling me that I have helped them out is more important to me than the money! I've said this before and I will say it again, "I would rather be poor and happy the rice and depressed" that's that no way around it!

Mental health is everything at a young age cause kids teens even young adults can say the meanest dirtiest most repulsive things to you! But they are not you, you need to follow your goals and just block them out cause in reality you are the only one that will make you happy💪 That is my story.