Melbourne, Australia

"I started working out back in 2010 after a life of having been called skinny(having been 47 kg all my life before working out) and having a lack of confidence. I was so insecure I didn't go to the gym for a year but started working out from home until december 2011 where I set my foot in the gym for the first time. Shortly after my best friend having similar self asteem issues as I had, he joined me in the private school gym and I never stopped ever since. My best friend unfortunately passed away in 2015 so I just keep going to keep the legacy alive so to speak.

We have one life, question is how you want to be remembered. After my broes passing I've gone back and forth with bodybuilding, I've been in a 5 day coma, that the doctors told me I wouldn't had survived if I hadn't worked out as much as I did, I've ended up drinking as well.

We all have those nasty habits, but in the end, I know who I am and what is good for me. Something I am trying to tell people to realise when they riddicule bodybuilding is how unique of a sport it really is, and how it can actually save your life in more ways than one.

Bodybuilding truly is a lifestyle, whenever you get into it you will realise that there is really not anything more addicting than to keep seeing yourself become the best."