Bloomfield, CT

I am a former football player, I played in high school, college, and a little bit in the arena. I played in the defensive line and was always pretty heavy. After my playing career concluded I wanted to lose weight for health and physical purposes and started my official journey in the summer of 2018. I’ve been working out to maintain strength from football but at the same time losing weight and slimming down. In my playing days the heaviest weight I was at was 320lb. After my last year of football I was around 280lb, once I started working out consistently post football I was able to get down to a consistent 250-255. I fell in love with the process and the grind, it became an addiction. I love working out and definitely enjoy the physical benefits, but as well as the mental benefits. Some of my current goals are to try to cut down to 23lb5 from 253lb, and start shaping up my core a little bit more. I also want to grow my followers and show people that it is possible to lose weight as well as stay on a consistent routine without taking shortcuts and relying on harmful/illegal supplements. Another goal of mine is to help me and couple of great teammates of mine expand our only move to which helps us hold each other accountable about getting our workouts if we want to create a move, to play where we can, reach more people and assist them when it comes to finding motivation to keep on working out no matter the odds.