San Francisco, CA

"My fitness journey began when I was 21 years old and found myself in jail for an extended stay. It was 6 months after my sister had passed away. My life was a total mess, drugs, alcohol, violence and ego fueled my personal destruction, then I found fitness. It was something I could do daily to distract myself from all the hardship I was currently undergoing. Since then, for the past 16 years I have invested my life to a life of health, fitness and exploration. I started my fitness career as a strength and conditioning Coach for USD, then became a personal trainer at The Sporting Club ( SD ) then Equinox (SF). It didn't take long for me to realize that corporate fitness was not for me. In 2012 I went independent, becoming a private personal trainer for the elites of the San Francisco Bay Area in professional sports and finance. In 2016 I opened my own gym called Swing Kettlebell School. A small class based gym where we over emphasized the basics of functional fitness, form, modalities and conditioning. Absolutely loving working with groups of people I knew I had to expand my audience. I started competing in CrossFit competition, learning and competing in the sport quickly accelerated my ability to coach all levels of fitness, clients and personalities. In 2018 my first and only (as of now) son was born and I created All Terrain Athlete. This is my online fitness business. 15 years of experience, 3 years of creation to help change the fitness world.

I almost lost my life to alcohol, drugs and self sabotage. But through faith and fitness this is where I am today, and I'm never looking back!"