Glendale, CA

"Ever since I was a little kid I was amazed by superheroes and always wanted to be one. I thought it was awesome being strong and having muscles. Was a tall scrawny kid who got picked on in school, who didn't. In high school (small town Iowa) was when I started to really take action on my body because I was old enough finally. I originally tried getting a trainer at 12 years old, but I was young and lacked discipline. Football was my way back into the gym. When I started the high school football lifting program I put on 30lbs of muscle 120-150 (lbs for bodyweight) during the summer before freshman year. I fell in love with lifting after that, especially because my crush at the time noticed how strong I was and had complimented me. I really remember that compliment motivating me to push myself to another level. Through the years of high school I learned how to lift more properly and different techniques to use. I learned so much I was making my own workout plans for me and my friends and coworkers at this country club I worked at. I loved every second being in that school pride themed weight room. When I went to college briefly for a semester I was playing football for them. We had a lot of early morning lifting days with our groups (it was weird because of COVID-19) I ended up dropping out of college because of mental health, financial issues, and college unfortunately is not right for me right now. I moved back home and the only thing I knew how to cope with being at my lowest was to go to the public recreation centers gym. It was a small gym. Probably the size of a master bedroom. And me and my very close friend, Andrew, who helped me out of the maze my mind was in during these low times pushed me to my absolute limit in that room. Even when I thought I was doing good he would critic me. At the same time every night we were both learning and studying the sport of bodybuilding and Arnold's journey and the golden era all that. We became greatly fascinated by shaping bodies and building physiques. We wanted to know everything we could, so we spend nights eating breakfast pizza (looking back not quite appropriate meal) watching pumping iron a million times or scroll through YouTube seeing what we could learn. We were relentless. Sometimes I was called crazy by my family for being obsessed. When I moved to Arizona in the summer of 2021 I knew I'd have more opportunities than small town Iowa. I was eager to find a gym and found a gym I did within 2 days of moving down here. When I started a new job I asked everyone (selectively my age group) if they worked out and what gyms they go to (looking for partners). One day I was working out and saw my one and only coach @devonfit7 working out and I was like this guy is massive, I need to learn from this guy. I walked over and talked to him and he gave me his card and said this line that hit my heart good. He said, "I used to be on stage and now I do it for a living. I F***** love what I do even though I'm broke A.F." I hired him that day. My physique changed much faster and got much stronger quicker. The shape I lacked on my body started to develop, then I started learning posing with my coach. And I've been on the grind since. Currently I train 5-6 days a week for about 2-3 hours a day. I have a show coming up in March. The Natural Western USA in Phoenix. I'm hyped and want to look my best out there for everyone. I pose at least 1-2 hours a day. I truly love the sport of bodybuilding. My ultimate goal is to be Mr. Olympia. I wanna enjoy every hardworking second till I’m there."