Harrisonburg, VA

"I played sports growing up and started getting into training in college so I was in pretty good shape. However, after graduating, I fell off big time. Between stress with my new job, traveling most days out of the week, and bad eating habits, I gained had gained 40lbs within 3.5 months.

Over the next few years, I’d get inspired from time to time to get back into shape. I’d start some super restrictive diet and attempt to jump back into training. It would work and I’d lose 20lbs. But every time without fail, life would get hard, I’d stop working out, I’d start eating to manage my emotions, and I’d gain all the weight back. Plus a few extra pounds.

Because of my constant struggle to lose weight, my confidence and body image took a huge hit. It got to the point where I couldn’t even be shirtless alone at home in fear that I’d see myself in the mirror. The worse I felt, the more I ate. The more I ate, the more I gained. The more I gained, the worse I felt.

Fast forward to April of 2020. With the pandemic in full force and the world shutting down, I had more time to think and reflect on where I’d ended up in life. To this point, I stopped caring for myself because there was always something “more important” to do. Whether work or class or something else. With all of that slowed down, I made a decision to start caring about myself again. I started getting back into the gym and started eating better.

To date I’ve lost over 40lbs and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I use a flexible dieting approach to avoid heavy restrictions and have worked to make fitness more of a lifestyle.

Ultimately, what learned was that I’m worth it. I’m worth caring about. I’m worth taking time for. I’m worth putting in the work to love myself regardless of what other people say or want. And I want to help others believe they are worth the effort too. Because when you know your worth, it will change your life. I know it changed mine."