Ottawa, ON

"My drive comes from the reflection I saw in the mirror. I started working out in March 2020. I was a competitive cheerleader for 16 years (from when I was 10 until I was 26) and always had been in shape or so I thought. In reality I was battling with an eating disorder, making sure I ate just enough, but also worked off every calorie I could to stay at the top of the pyramid.

My journey now, has given me a healthy relationship with food, and I’ve been able to look in the mirror again and be proud of what I have accomplished this last year. I found self-love and I have started being kinder to myself. My journey has no destination I just work to be a healthier happier version of myself. I compete with the girl I was yesterday, to get better each day.

My ultimate goal is to be healthy, it’s not a number on the scale, or being a size 2. I no longer let numbers run my life, or compare myself to others.
I have learned about body composition, and how bone structure plays a role in your fitness journey.

Sometimes you will fall, and it is your choice to get back up! Our failures are what help us grow. Celebrate all the wins no matter how big or how small, (no pun intended 😂)!

I’ve learned that lifting heavy won’t make me bulky, but give me a good defined physique, I’ve also learned that FOOD IS NOT THE BAD GUY and how eating in moderation is super important so you don’t fail. Don’t deprive yourself!"