Boston, MA

"I have worked out for over 30 years. I competed in my twenties, got to the national level, got married, raised two amazing kids, and started a business.

I began competing again 3 years ago in the NPC masters bodybuilding division.

Bodybuilding has been my therapy, my church, my center of my world. I enjoy the fitness lifestyle, training, eating, and staying focused on being healthy and positive energy.

I love being motivational and inspirational for both younger athletes and older athletes, showing them it is never too late to become what you want to be.

I workout with my kids sometimes now, which is an amazing gift o see the healthy lifestyle has been passed on to them through being a role model!

I train with weights 6 days a week. Training each major body part once a week. Training abs, forearms and calves more often.

Depending on the season I do cardio from three times a week in my off season all the way to twice a day seven days a week during my pre contest prep.

I eat almost 7,000 clean calories in 6 meals during my off season diet. Staying focused on the meal plan especially in the off season is the most challenging piece of the sport for me.

The fitness lifestyle is for absolutely everyone, whether you want to compete against your peers or just compete against yourself. I have been blessed to be in the sport for so long, and I truly appreciate every day of being involved."