Fort Collins, CO

"I'm a combat veteran and I was very active in the 90's. I continued by long distance running and cycling outside of the military. I sustained a bad injury to several parts of my body and I couldn't run anymore. I pretty much gave up and gained a bunch of weight. I got up to 310 lb and I don't know what happened really but something clicked in my brain that told me enough is enough. So I started back up in December 2019 working out and it was basically cardio with some weight training in the beginning. I got my 310 lb body down to 168 lb and then I decided let's build muscle! In September of 2020 I started weight lifting. Currently I decided to do it more for myself then competing or for anyone else.

My goal is to get my body as big as I can! I am currently 210 lb and 19% body fat. My goal is to get to 240 lb with around 15% body fat. Maybe with some convincing I can try to compete in competitions. I think I would be better suited for a strong woman competition rather than a physique type competition. I love building my body and taking it to the limits that I didn't think I could do. The damage that I did to my body for my past I'm seeing that it can be reversed and that's very exciting to see me transform to the muscular female I am! I train 6 days a week and the training never stops! I use macronutrients for my nutrition of 40-40-20 type macronutrients so I can build and try to lean up while building.

My journey is been exciting so far and I'm excited to see what my potential is in the future. I am all natural and I plan on staying that way and because of that it's going to take me years to get to the type of body I want. My mood has been way better than it has in the past I love how I look I love the compliments and attention I'm getting.

Life is starting to pick up in a positive way I decided that my life's goal is now to help others go from where I was to the person they want to be. So I became a personal trainer and I love the fact that I found my calling in life! I also found that with my new found strength I'm able to do more in life.

I'm currently holding belts in three types of martial arts and I'm finding that things are becoming way more easier as life goes on! And because my mood is better I'm finding that things in my social life have improved too. Like for example I'm a pool player and I'm finding that I am winning more games because of my mentality, my drive, and my determination! Perhaps it's also the fact I'm more intimidating looking now. Which to be honest I like! Someday I'm going to walk into a place and command the place just because of my physique!"