Tulsa, OK

"I began working out at 12 years old, when my parents bought me a Sears Workout Set. I fell in love with the process of lifting, sweating, & seeing results. It was/is so fascinating to my psyche. I truly enjoy it!

I got into exercise for that very reason, & decided to make it my career a few years after college & Grad School at 26 years old. Always the athletic person, & muscular-type. I'd get asked how'd I get "that way," or "how'd I eat so strictly so much?" And, "how'd I get my arms so big?"... I decided that since I enjoyed fitness so much that I'd become certified in it and get paid to help people reach their physical Best.

I'm 53 now, & that feeling is stronger now than it was even then. I feel that my life experiences have helped me lead our Team of Fitness Pros and motivate our clients to remain focused on their fitness goals in life. I know that "Fitness-Success translates into Life-Success!"

In high school, I was a stand-out running back on our football team. I went on to college on a full athletic scholarship to Wichita State University.

At the end of my Freshman year,, WSU canceled its football program. So, I got recruited all over again, & decided on the University of Missouri. My 1st Collegiate Start as a Junior, I recorded Mizzou's 5th Best Rushing Performance with 187 yards on 18 carries. That game got me Heisman Trophy fanmail, talks on ESPN, & I was 2nd leading rusher in the US behind a little guy named Barry Sanders.

That fame came to an abrupt halt the 2nd game of the season, when I developed a bad attitude toward my Coaches and was benched. From there, I spiraled down in depression. After 4 years of trying to make it into the NFL and having 1 door after another slammed in my face, I sat in my closet with a steak knife poised to end my life. However, as I sat in that dark closet, the Lord brought my Mom's words to my mind. She & my Dad had been praying for years for me. They'd told me that football didn't work out for me, but God had greater plans for me. Momma's words in a letter rang in my ears,, "COME BACK TO GOD! COME BACK TO GOD! COME BACK TO GOD!"

At that moment, God got my attention... in that dark, quiet closet, I threw the knife down, & I became a real man. A real man isn't 1 who cusses his brand new wife out and scares her, and punches his fist through the wall. No no! A real man isn't 1 with 21" Biceps. No, not at all! A real man is 1 who commits his life to Jesus Christ and pledges to live for Him all of his days.

God's taken me around the world doing amazing fears of strength with the Christian Power Team & Strength Team, & preaching about His Mighty Healing and Delivering Power. He blessed me to be a Champion on the American Gladiators show. He's restored my wife & I's marriage to now we're celebrating 30 years of Marriage this Jan 2nd.

And, I didn't make it to the NFL, the National Football League, but I made it to the BEST league of all-time, the JFL, the JESUS FOREVER LEAGUE!"