Raeford, NC

"I’ve always had a passion for being active since I was a little kid. I played football, basketball, wrestle, and ran track. I joined the military in 2013 and served for eight years. I would have to say I began my fitness journey in the weight room around 2015.

I started researching tons of information about supplements to start taking, workouts to grow, and what I needed to eat. I would see guys in the gym bigger than me, and I would tell myself I will get there someday. So I started putting in the hours everyday to Grow my body.

It would be days I was extremely sore to the point it hurt to move. There were many days where it was difficult to get some motivation. I told myself I had to remember why I started my fitness journey.

All in all, we have to remember there is always someone looking up to us, and we may not even know it. You never know who is watching and trying to be like you or uses you for their motivation to keep pushing.

My ultimate goal was to make a lifestyle change for a better future and better life. My fitness journey is still going on now. I'm working on becoming a better me every single day Of the week. Whoever reads this, I pray you to keep pushing and surprising your doubters because every time you make something happen, they keep looking surprised. Never give up! Keep pushing!"