Oakville, ON

"In 2014 I began my journey as a weak and skinny kid with confidence issues. Growing up, I was always smaller than everyone else, was consistently pushed around, and never taken seriously. I was small and felt even smaller. I decided to make a change.

I started weight training at age 19 in my 2nd year at Wilfrid Laurier University and it became my greatest passion. I was fascinated at the concept of being able to change my body and improve my confidence through working out. I used to envision myself as the fittest guy in the gym, even as an absolute twig at 118 lbs. I used to visualize every workout before I got to the gym. I experienced everything in my mind before anything happened in real life.

The power of the body is amazing… but it doesn’t compare to the power of the mind. Through consistent training, I started to see a positive transformation in my physical and mental health. I became physically and mentally stronger. I started to see a drastic decrease in anxiety and huge improvements in my social life. I became obsessed with the sensation working out gave me and the feeling of making progress.

Training was always the one consistent in my life, something I constantly thought about and researched in my free time. In 2020, I decided to pursue personal training as my career. Now, I am certified and study Health, Wellness and Fitness at Mohawk College.

My ultimate goal is to help other people realize their own potential and see that exercising can change your entire life, not just your body. My training style is a blend of weight training, bodyweight fitness, and cardio to ensure optimal leanness and performance. My favourite exercise is heavy weighted pull-ups.

You don’t have to be great to start… but you have to start to be great."