Fort McMurray, AB

"January 2019 I started my workout journey with a Body Sculpting Bootcamp. I needed to do something, I wasn't happy. I was very stuck on my head, and my clothes were Not fitting properly like they used to. I was in several Narcissistic abusive relationships, only didn't know till after the last with a "friend". I had so many words going through beating me up 24/7. Was told more than once I wasn't good enough! I lost all confidences in myself, I was broken. In January I was confronting the "last" one in mediation as he owed me a lot of money, that he used me for. So I thought hey I'll try this, I needed to do something. I've never worked out, even when I figure skated. I loved it! Felt overwhelmed Yes, but I loved the CHALLENGE! That was the start, but I floundered for the rest of the yr till I found BodyBoss (12wk program) in December. So away I went, all at home, just me, no equipment. January 10th,2020 my mom had a stroke, and that broke me! I needed to be so much more for her, and my dad now!

With Covid-19 the world shutdown, and all therapies were shutdown, so I was angry. A 12wk program took me 34wks, BUT I did it! I lost 13.5" total, 20lbs.
It helped me deal with all my emotions, and frustrations. Then I joined Claire P. Thomas' team, CPT Team. I started end of June with her Home Body guide 1.0, and then the TransPhormation Body Challenges since July 2020. I have maintained 25 ish lbs weight loss, while learning new techniques everyday. Lately I readjusted my workout time to before the house wakes up. Now I'm feeling more accomplished, and not so overwhelmed with trying to be there for my parents, and 3 4legged children, and getting my workout done all at the same time. I am now mixing my days with TransPhormation, and Fitbod apps, and the other days with CPT Home Body guide 2.0, and Hard Core guide.

My gym consists of 1 pr of 3lbs, 6lbs, 8lbs Dbs. 1 10lbs Db, and 1 15lbs Db, 10lbs Kettlebell, and a 15lbs Kettlebell, a set of pet stairs (step-ups & decline push-ups), and a petbed (incline push-ups), my nightstand is Awesome for dips😊
My confidence in myself is coming along. I'm proud of being able to do what I can do with what I have! It's definitely a journey, not a fast fix, or an immediate fix!
I am here for my mom and dad, to help with everything, and anything they need me to do. Everyday I am stronger, and feel better about myself!
Learning to love myself finally!

I am Me! I'm a country girl who is Wonkie, stubborn, loves life, and proud of everything I am accomplishing!"