"I started off as an inactive kid, not into any sports, and was overweight and in poor shape. I even got to the point of being medically obese. Then, one day leading up to my tenth birthday, a flip just switched in me. I decided I wanted to get healthier and fitter. I began my journey in a healthy manner and lost the excess weight. I was fitter, and most importantly, I felt heaps better, full of life, and energized all the time.

Things then took a turn for the worse as I got overly fixated with the number on the scale, and my mental health began declining as well. In a short period, I lost almost 10kg and fell into the deep hole of depression. I was banned from all exercise for a chunk of time, but I started exercising again the day the doctors told me I could. I involved myself in tennis, which I had previously not done. I continued to stay in shape that way for a while, and I quite enjoyed it.

After a while, I gave running a shot and instantly fell in love. Slowly I phased out tennis, and running took over. One summer, just for fun, I decided to dabble in weight training. I'd do workouts in my house with a small set of dumbbells. That went well for a while, but my mental health was not stable yet, so I relapsed into poor health numerous times.

Finally, just a year ago, I realized I needed to change my ways –and for good, not just for a few months only to relapse and go back to square one. That's when I started working with Greg Doucette. We're prioritizing weight training to increase muscle mass and restore my body fat to a healthy level for me. I know it's only been a year, but it's been great. Sure there have been low points and challenges, but I've made undeniable progress, and there is no stopping now.

Working out makes me feel empowered and confident."