Florence, OR

"I’ve struggled with my anxiety and my weight my entire life. I noticed the heavier I got the worse my anxiety got. I also realized it made me feel ugly, not good enough and so many more negative things about myself. I would stop putting myself into certain social aspects because I was so worried about being judged the whole entire time. It felt like everyone was staring and/or was making fun of me when in reality they didn’t even know I existed.

After dealing with years of trying to get healthy on my own I knew I needed help. I started seeing a specialist and a therapist. It saved my life. It’s that simple. My weight was out of control and I wanted to take control of my life and not let my mental health rule me anymore. I put my mind to a goal and kept marking off each new one as they’d come. I liked the feeling of the control I had over what I was eating and doing because it calmed my anxiety. After a lot of hard work, determination and patience I lost 150 pounds. I then had skin removal surgery to remove 10 lbs of excess skin that became another super insecurity of mine. It’s been the toughest battle but all I can say is it’s worth it. Being healthy is worth it. Mental and physical health are both so important. Just know it’s not selfish to put yourself first. Take care of yourself first, always."