Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I have been active my whole live and I love it! My movement practice defines me personally and professionally as a Pilates Instructor & Fitness Trainer. My career started with Physical Therapy school in Florida, which I left to move to NYC to study Pilates with Romana Krizanowska who was Joseph Pilates’s assistant for over 50 years. I absolutely love Pilates but my passion is the human body in motion and that is what brought my Neuroscience education to my Pilates practice to help me create a very unique, super effective and mind body connecting technique to HELP my clients IMPROVE the way their bodies WORK, MOVE, FEEL & LOOK. I evaluate your BASIC motor patterns to make sure they are well integrated into your full body movement system. These motor patterns emerge in our body when we are 11 weeks old and mark the beginning of the development of our NERVOUS SYSTEM. Yes, movement comes first… that’s why it HELPS us HEAL, NOURISH & RESTORE not only PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY.

My inspiration is helping people achieve their highest level of being through EXERCISE, NUTRITION, effective STRESS MANAGEMENT, healthy lifestyle changes,
SLEEP & brain function optimization.
A healthy, well functioning, balanced & pain free body houses a strong beautiful mind that will help you create your dream life and experience it to its fullest. Over the years I have helped so many people change prospective & realize that everything we need we already have within us. That resource is very powerful and ready for us to use in the pursuit of HEALTH & HAPPINESS!"