Brooklyn, NY

"What inspired me to workout was being tired of being fat with no energy always depressed and angry. I had finally had enough and asked God to give me strength and motivation to take better care of myself. I prayed and talked to my angels and asked them to help me. Then soon I came across someone on Instagram who inspired me by the name of Stormy Wellington. She said that she was tired too of not liking herself and she tried Total Life Changes products so I got inspired and started as well. What could I loose? I was already tired of being this person I did not like seeing in the mirror any more so I knew this was my calling to start this journey. It was like it was calling me and I answered. God had finally answered my prayers and I was so not sure at first but got the nudge to move forward. Boy was I happy I did. I became more happy, relaxed, motivated, with willpower to do this and become the person I used to be. The sexy confident and vivacious woman I know I can be. I thank the products and God for that. My daughter and my son both deserve a great mom and happy mother. What don't kill you can only make you stronger so I took that mantra and ran with it. I can only that God for that. I promised myself I will see this to the end and make him proud."