Las Vegas, NV

"Hello, My name is Yaritza, I am 47 years old, yes I am!😊 and I have been into fitness since I was about 19 yrs old after I had my first child, so I decided to become a personal trainer because this is my passion. I figured why not help others maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals by doing what I love the most. I must say that I haven’t encounter any challenges in this industry yet, but I’m sure I will and I will keep pushing forward because challenges are a good opportunity for growth.

I am not perfect I have my bad days, there’s days that I don’t want to think about working out or about eating healthy, but I keep pushing forward because I choose to believe in myself. I still have my cheat days because I know a few extra calories are not going to hurt me, 😉 calories are actually good for you. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not about how many calories you take in is about how you feel in the inside.

I know staying focused can be challenging especially when people around you have a complete different life style, but stay strong and follow your dreams,be confident and know that you got this, whatever your goal is, whether you want to lose 5/50 pounds or whether you just want to gain muscle, know that as long as you believe in yourself you will succeed.
I’m excited about this new chapter in my life and Also very happy that I can help others in their fitness journey. Remember to start small and to remind yourself that something is better than nothing. Stay committed and focused. You got this!"